Volunteer for Women in I.T.

Women in IT is a program designed to engage and inspire girls to pursue technology as an area of focus for high school, college, and career.

.Middle School and High School girls don’t always feel confident enough to interact actively in classes is focused on technology topics.

.Young women are inundated with stereotypes that women don’t belong in IT/Tech – but THEY DO! We can stop this misinformation by providing young women the facts on Women in IT!

.There are many types of jobs in the IT/Tech sector. The Women in IT program helps girls explore which career paths might be right for them.

Female tech professionals are invited to participate.  

Volunteer RolesTime Commitment
1. Lead Presenter2 to 3 hours preparation
1 day or half day presenting at a school
2. Co-Presenter2 to 3 hours preparation
1 day or half day presenting at a school
3. Logistics Coordinator2 to 4 hours to investigate school logistics.
Optional: attend presentation.

Where will volunteering take place?

N. Texas (DFW)

Volunteer Now

Jacksonville and Tampa

Volunteer Now

New York City

Coming Soon!

Will you be trained? Yes! Citi has developed special training materials to prepare everyone. And NPower will work with Citi to organize volunteers into teams and ensure everyone does a dry run.

Why should you do this? Because IT is awesome!... And we want to get young women excited about technology, break stereotypes, build confidence, and have fun!

To learn more about The Future of IT / Women in IT, visit womeninit.org

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