The Community Corps makes tech volunteering easy


We provide a range of opportunities for volunteers to share their skill and make an impact. We know that tech professionals are busy people – so many of our projects can be completed virtually or “Done in a Day”.

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Why skilled Volunteering? Why You?

.Effective use of IT is a challenge for nonprofits

.Nonprofits lack confidence about having enough skilled technology staff to execute their mission

.Students that interact with tech professsionals are more encouraged to pursue STEM

What Moves You?

The Community Corps volunteers can share their expertise in two distinct ways:

.Internal IT or Capacity Building

.Program Delivery / STEM Mentoring

The Solution: Passionate Professionals Like You!

Best Practices

.Volunteer for projects that match your skill set(s) – enthusiasm is great, but you’ll need expertise as well.

.Don’t over-commit yourself – only volunteer for projects you’re confident you will have the time to complete.

.Provide adequate notice if unable to meet an agreed-upon deadline.

.When in doubt, ask – our concierge team is here to assist you. Email: for support.

.Have Fun – Helping others is rewarding, but it shouldn’t feel like a chore.

Benefits of Volunteering

.Provides an opportunity for you to improve the social well-being of individuals and communities

.Helps you develop new skills and improve or use existing skills in different ways

.Expands your personal and professional network

.Enables exploration of career options

.Increases your chance of getting hired – employers view volunteer experience positively (2013 Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey)

.Improves your health (Jenkinson et al., 2013) BMC Public Health and American Psychological Association