The Community Corps is committed to closing the nonprofit tech skills gap

Citi-Skills-Dallas-1_crop_v1We understand that you already do incredible work to improve the welfare of individuals and communities, often with limited resources. Many nonprofits either do not have in-house IT staff, or are stretching existing staff to perform duties outside of their assigned responsibilities. The Community Corps is a skills-base volunteering platform that provides free tech help from skilled professionals.

We connect nonprofits to volunteers with varied tech skill sets. Our platform helps nonprofit users turn their technology challenges into scoped projects.

Get Started  with one of the tech projects our volunteers can support

How it Works

We welcome North America based 501(c)3 nonprofits to Register  with The Community Corps

It’s free to join! Nonprofits can post volunteer projects using over 30 pre-scoped project guides that help define their tech needs. Based on a volunteer’s skills profile and preferences, he/she will be suggested as a volunteer for a nonprofit’s project.

How do Nonprofits benefit by joining The Community Corps?

.Nonprofit members can post multiple projects at a time

.A team actively working to promote your projects and recruit volunteers

.Free recruitment on LinkedIn

.Concierge support throughout the process

.Priority access to special opportunities & events through our corporate partners

.News and Updates from The Community Corps

.Discounts on hardware & tech training through our nonprofit technology partners

What kind of support is your team looking for?

.Does your staff need help with Excel?

.Does your development department need help with optimizing it's donor database?

.Are you investigating Cloud-based tools?

.Do you have STEM/tech youth programs that need mentors?

.How about help with your social media strategy?

.Need advice choosing new technology?

.Need help with Salesforce?

.Does your website need some enhancement?

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