The Community Corps is NPower’s skills-based volunteering program that connects technology professionals with high impact nonprofits and schools. We are so proud to have been asked this year to collaborate with Citi on the 10th anniversary of their Global Community Day. We worked with the Citi project team to create a series of skills-based volunteer offerings for the celebration of their global day of service.

The volunteer events consisted of Citi Skills Marathons in New York City, Irving, Texas and Wilmington, Delaware. There was also a one-on-one Speed-Mentoring event in New York City and a virtual Mock Interview program across North America.


250 Citi volunteers participated
26 nonprofits were involved
75 students interacted in the program
The nonprofits expressed how much they appreciated their teams and how much this event benefited their organizations. Many asked Citi/The Community Corps to add them to the list for future skills-based events. Supriya Banavalikar, from the Hunger Project, stated: “We have over 400,000 volunteers around the world. Having people experience the opportunity to give back to their community, no matter where they are placed, gives meaning to one’s life. It gives people an opportunity to open their hearts and minds creatively and inspirationally to make a difference.”

Anthony Verriello, Global Head, Information Management, Analytics and Billing for TTS Technology at Citi, stated: “When I talk to my team and my peers, people really look forward to these events. They really feel the contribution to the community – it’s very fulfilling. These are some of the most popular things we do here. These events get some of the best feedback in terms of things Citi employees want to be involved in and are looking to do more of.”

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