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Our Services

The Community Corps helps corporations and their tech employees do more social good by connecting them to a wide variety of high impact, tech focused, volunteer opportunities.

.Program Assistance - We support every stage in the CSR roadmap, from enhancing mature programs to devising volunteer efforts from the ground up.

.Project Discovery - Our self-service platforms allows companies to identify and register for the right corporate volunteer experiences for their brand.

.Comprehensive Network - We connect you to nonprofits, schools, and social enterprises around the country, and around the globe, helping to make sense of an extensive and fractional ecosystem.

.Custom Opportunities - In special cases, we will work directly with companies, nonprofits and schools to create unique program offerings (e.g.; large-scale corporate volunteering weeks).

.Trusted Platform - We provide a robust analytics dashboard to help you track volunteer efforts and impact.

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Corporate Volunteers in Action

The Benefits of Corporate Volunteering

.Volunteering is a powerful tool, providing immense value to the well-being of a company. Not only will it improve your culture, but it can even enhance your bottom line. Consider the following benefits of corporate volunteering:

.Develops and enhances employees’ professional and leadership skills.

.Boosts employee morale, team building, loyalty, productivity, and motivation

.Attracts new hires, especially millennials.

.Improves corporate image, if you care about that sort of thing ;)


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