Queens Vocational and Technical High School

Visits Bank of America

On Friday, April 15th NPower – The Community Corps coordinated a site visit for 30 students from Queens Vocational and Technical High School (QVTHS) to Bank of America in Manhattan. The structured site visit, or job shadow, aimed to de-mystify tech careers in finance for QVTHS students by introducing them to a select group of professionals at the Bank. The students heard from professionals involved in information security, trading floor tech support, infrastructure and networking, IT project management, customer experience, risk management, and compliance.

CTE students listening to tech employee speak about careers at Bank of America

The students received a warm and enthusiastic welcome followed by an introduction to Bank of America by Allyn L Shaw – Chief Operating Officer – Workspace Services. Professionals from the Chief Technology Organization (CTO), Risk, Compliance, and other teams shared their personal stories on how their careers at Bank of America began.

In addition to learning about how a bank functions, and how an entrepreneur could get approved for a business loan, students also received great advice on always being open to new ideas and opportunities.

Students visit Bank of America to learn about tech careers

The highlight of the visit for the students was the opportunity to view the trading floor from the visitor platform and to learn firsthand how trading has evolved, from runners taking orders across the trading floor 15 to 20 years ago, to the more sophisticated computer trading of today.  All the students commented, “I thought the trading floor would be louder, like in the movies.”  The Bank of America tech team responded, “Technology fixed that.”