We partner with volunteers, nonprofits & schools to close the tech skills gap

The Community Corps is a skills-based volunteering program that engages technology professionals with high impact schools, innovative nonprofits, and our own custom opportunities.

The Need

Middle School and High School students are great consumers of technology but are not widely pursuing technology degrees. Currently, less than 2.4% of U.S. college students graduate with a Computer Science (CS) degree. By engaging with schools and students, technology professionals can demonstrate to students that tech careers are within reach – and can lead to fulfilling and rewarding futures.

Nonprofit and schools cite technology as their #1 functional challenge – 88% of nonprofits surveyed say they have inadequate tech support. When nonprofits were able to incorporate better technology into their program and operations… 83% were able to deliver services faster and 71% were able to serve more people in need.

The Community Corps Process

  • Nonprofits and Schools register on the platform
  • Volunteers create profiles to record skills and preferences
  • The Community Corps suggests projects to qualified volunteers
  • Volunteers select projects that inspire them
  • The Community Corps suggests projects to qualified volunteers
  • Volunteers select projects that inspire them
  • Nonprofits and Schools pursue their missions more effectively
  • Young people build skills and believe in their capabilities
  • Volunteers help people achieve their potential


 What we offer

Our tech volunteers work hand-in-hand with schools and nonprofits across the country to help them use technology more effectively and inspire the next generation of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals.

The Community Corps offers:

.A variety of IT projects to meet different volunteer skill sets and time commitments

.North American reach and virtual volunteer opportunities

.A quality experience made possible by our dedicated concierge team

Our services are free to individuals, nonprofits and schools.

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The Community Corps Stats:

7,900+ Volunteers

2,200+ Schools and Nonprofits

6,400+ Projects

95,000+ Hours